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Product Updates

NAUTIS Home Product Updates

In this space you find all product- and development updates on NAUTIS Home such as new vessels, environments, courses, features and more.

Development roadmap 

After the Early Access release, NAUTIS Home will continuously be updated with new vessels, environments, courses, and features. The development roadmap will be influenced by what you and the NAUTIS Home community would like to see. The development roadmap below displays our high-level plans for NAUTIS Home.* 

A big part of the fun is the ability to sail and train together with other dedicated and enthusiastic NAUTIS Home users. For that reason, multiplayer will have a prominent place on our development roadmap and will be rolled out in phases in the upcoming year.  

Our aim is to have a feature complete NAUTIS Home ready by the end of 2023! 

 *This is an indication of the development roadmap and therefore still susceptible to change.