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NAUTIS Home Product Updates

In this space you find all product- and development updates on NAUTIS Home such as new vessels, environments, courses, features and more.

Development roadmap 

After the Early Access release, NAUTIS Home will continuously be updated with new vessels, environments, courses, and features. The development roadmap will be influenced by what you and the NAUTIS Home community would like to see. The development roadmap below displays our high-level plans for NAUTIS Home.* 

Thank you once again for your valuable input and feedback. Your enthusiasm and anticipation for new features are a constant source of inspiration for our team, and we cannot wait to tell you the exciting updates we have in store for you! 

In our commitment to delivering a product that stands out for its quality, we have made some strategic adjustments to our development schedule. These adjustments involve not only repositioning some features in our roadmap but also introducing new ones that we believe will enhance your experience. 


We are delighted to announce a series of features that will further enhance your experience with NAUTIS Home, scheduled for release later this year: 

Search Lights: Prepare for an exciting addition to your maritime training toolkit. Our upcoming Search Lights feature will significantly enhance nighttime operations by providing improved visibility. With the Search Light panel, you will have the ability to control these lights, adding a new level of realism and control to your training scenarios.

Control locks and bridges: With this feature, you will have the opportunity to simulate the process of navigating through locks and bridges.  

Enhanced Chart Quality: In the upcoming update, we will be improving the quality of our charts to provide you with even more usable navigation tool. 


But that's not all! Looking ahead to next year, we have an exciting array of features in the pipeline: 

Mooring: Master the art of mooring with our upcoming feature, offering you a comprehensive understanding of this critical maritime operation. 

Day Shapes and Deck Lights: Dive deeper into maritime conventions with the addition of day shapes and deck lights, ensuring a more authentic training experience. 

Blue Sign: Enhance your inland navigation skills by incorporating blue signs into your training scenarios, replicating real-world maritime signage. 

Expanded Courseware: We're expanding our courseware library, offering you a wider selection of training modules to choose from. 

New Vessels and Environments: Discover a variety of new vessels and environments, providing diverse training opportunities and challenges. 

We do our best and remain dedicated towards providing you with maritime simulation software that evolves with your training needs and aspirations. As always, your feedback and input are invaluable in shaping the future of NAUTIS Home, and we can't wait to continue improving the product. 

You can find the updated development roadmap below. We are excited to see where we can take NAUTIS Home this year! 

 *This is an indication of the development roadmap and therefore still susceptible to change.  

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