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Product Updates

NAUTIS Home Product Updates

In this space you find all product- and development updates on NAUTIS Home such as new vessels, environments, courses, features and more.

Development roadmap 

After the Early Access release, NAUTIS Home will continuously be updated with new vessels, environments, courses, and features. The development roadmap will be influenced by what you and the NAUTIS Home community would like to see. The development roadmap below displays our high-level plans for NAUTIS Home.* 

The start of 2023 was a good moment for us to (re)define the development roadmap for this year, incorporating the input we received from you in the Community. The responses over the past months have been positively overwhelming and we are grateful for all the ideas and feedback we received. With your input, we can shape NAUTIS Home into a product matching your training needs.  

The focus so far has been on Maneuvering. For this year, the topic Navigation will be an important addition. The development of features related to Navigation will start this quarter, such as Navigational marks on chart and Navigation lights. Courseware and scenarios on Navigation will follow.  

This means some existing items on the roadmap have shifted, however more items are added based on the feedback we have received from you in the Community. Audio signals, Night lights and Search lights are added.  

You can find the updated development roadmap below. We are excited to see where we can take NAUTIS Home this year! 

 *This is an indication of the development roadmap and therefore still susceptible to change.  

Release notes NAUTIS Home