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In this space you find all product- and development updates on NAUTIS Home such as new vessels, environments, courses, features and more.

NAUTIS Home Development Roadmap 2024 

Dear NAUTIS Home Users, 

We're excited to share our latest update regarding NAUTIS Home's roadmap. Our aim is to keep you informed about the progress and direction of our product, ensuring transparency and clarity every step of the way. 

Understanding the roadmap:  

To interpret the roadmap effectively, keep in mind the following:  

Coming soon: In this section, you'll find the courseware, environments, ships, and features planned for the next product update. While we strive to deliver on these plans, setbacks can occur, necessitating adjustments along the way. 

Developing: NAUTIS Home will transition out of the early access phase once the core features outlined in the "Developing" section are completed. These features represent the core components of NAUTIS Home, many of which are already in development. However, completing them may take time. It is our aim to complete NAUTIS Home 1.0. in Q4 2024. We regularly reassess this list, meaning additional features may be incorporated based on user feedback or changes can be made over time.  

After NAUTIS Home version 1.0: Following the Early Access Phase, we'll delve into larger features outlined in our backlog. These will further enrich the NAUTIS Home experience once the initial phase is complete. 

We're committed to enhancing your experience with NAUTIS Home, and to achieve this, we may be updating the roadmap after each release. This will provide you with a clearer understanding of our development plans and the upcoming features. We are learning along the way and through time we get new insights into what we need to develop to achieve our goals. 

Please understand that the roadmap is subject to change. We continuously evaluate our priorities and may introduce new features or modify existing ones based on user feedback and evolving needs. 

We appreciate your patience and support as we work towards making NAUTIS Home the best it can be. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the direction of our product. Stay tuned for further updates! 

Best Regards, 

NAUTIS Home Team 

 *This is an indication of the development roadmap and therefore still susceptible to change.  

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