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During the Creditcard payment process some users see the following message: "The payment process does not seem to have completed successfully." Of the most common issues is that "3D Secure" is not enabled for your Creditcard. Beneath you can read some tips and tricks if payments dont's succeed

  • Make sure you enabled "3D Secure" on your credit card (this is a system invented to make safe Creditcard payment transactions on the internet). 3D Secure is the combined name for Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode or American Express SafeKey.

    During the payment process the "3D Secure" security system opens a pop-up window, in which you need to type in a password, but this system also needs to be enabled on your Creditcard to begin with. If you are not sure this feature is enabled for you, please contact your Creditcard supplier. 

  • Our payment provider is Buckaroo, so if you see a window or message from them, please allow it

  • Make sure there are no pop-up blockers or Ad blockers enabled in your browser during the payment session. Our payment provider opens a new window, so if that's blocked it won't be shown.

  • Try incognito mode/private browsing with your browser. When using this mode, no cache from previous sessions are used

  • Try an alternative browser like for example Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

  • Try paying on a different computer altogether.

  • Your credit card provider might block a transaction. Make sure you have a valid working credit card. If you are not sure, you could ask your own Creditcard provider

  • Some banks take a bit of time while processing your payment. Please take a look in your own bank account, to verify the payment has succeeded.

  • If you are using VPN, try to disable it.

  • For some parts of the world, payments are region blocked by our payment provider. We don't have any influence on this. If you are having issues with paying and suspect your region is blocked, perhaps this is the cause.

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